Get your brand recognized: Easy Fulfillment & Online Ordering

Simplifying your fulfillment and ordering process one order at a time

Fulfilling your apparel needs one shipment at a time

We screen print and embroider the products, handle the customer service, and build your online store. We have become rock stars at providing a one-stop-shop platform for all of your promotional needs. We provide packages for small mom & pop shops to large nation companies.

Inventory Management.

When comes to managing your stock it can easily become tedious at best and at worse it can be out of control. We have invested in the right software to do most of the work for us and as a customer of our fulfillment services your get that free of charge.


Inventory Control, We check in items into our system and while we are fulling orders we check it out of the system.

Inventory SKU, We allow you access to track your inventory at any time. We take the time to give all of your items a SKU code, allowing for us to track inventory levels, reporting, and overall amazing inventory control.
Fulfillment Needs, We provide you with real-time status reports and history of all orders, available anytime online 24/7. Custom reports can be provide on an as need basis.
Inventory Management Assistance, when it comes to tracking the items we have you covered. We provide awesome reporting on your items so we know when a particular items needs to be ordered.

Fulfillment Management.

When you want to start a to sell your products it can be a night mare to know where to start. Well we have you covered we are expertise and have the expensive tools to run your campaigns affectively. Partnering with us and we will break that glass ceiling with you!


Direct Marketing,a one-time mass mailing


Email Marketing, sometimes you just want one email sent to a ton of people.


Prize and incentive programs, to sell more products use a code to redeem programs.


Buy, Store, and Ship Later, buy items when they are low and ship later.

Pick, Customize, Pack, and Ship

After you have selected your items and chosen your designs; we customize your items in our 5000 sqf. Facility. Once your items have been ordered all of the items are double checked and shipped to the customer. Our moto is check every order twice before it leaves the facility. All of your orders are tracked in our state of the art computer system and reported back to you.

Additional Items, we admit it while we have perfected the art of Screen Printing we sometimes don’t have the best solutions for certain items. When this happens we are willing and able to help you find the right solution to integrate into your online store that we didn’t produce.

Why choose us for Fulfillment and Warehousing

Less Expensive

We often are less than our contenders while still providing that top notch equally that you need. Our core business is custom apparel, so providing our warehousing and fulfillment services at cost, we hope to get more of your promotional products and custom apparel business.

Quick Turnaround

When you start a partnership with us on are warehousing and fulfillment packages, getting your online store up is our top priority. We will have your new store up in a matter of weeks. We don’t accept that it takes months to launch an online clothing site.

We Got Your Back

We are a one-stop-shop and do all of our customizations in house. We are dedicated to providing you and your customers with amazing service. We are involved in the entire process ensuring that from start to finish the job has been done right.

Customized to fit your needs!

We customize a package that works for you and we build your store to match your business. Chose us and you will be amazed!

Not Ready for Apparel Fulfillment?

Sometimes teams, business, schools, etc. don’t need or are not ready for a fulfillment plan. We still are experts at Screen Printing and Embroidery. Our company offering high quality custom apparel, an apparel designer, a campaign site to launch a site without a commitment and the best pricing in the Maine Region!
Amazing Service

Do you need your apparel right away? NLC Ink Screen Printing & Embroidery offers amazingly fast turnaround on your custom apparel, with a typical delivery in 7-10 business days.

Friendly staff

NLC Ink is here to help! Our staff has perfected our trade and we go all-out to make your products high quality and make the process straightforward.

Huge selection

We have thousands of items that we can get for your custom screen printed an embroidered apparel. When you pick up our catalog and ask can you get this 99% if the time it is yes.

keep up with us

We have perfected our trade, we are offering new promotions, helpful tips and tricks, and more for all of your custom Screen Printing & Embroidery needs!! Keep in touch with NLC Ink

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NLC Ink Screen Printing & Embroidery

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Directions: When you reach the route 201 Business Center we are at the center of the building and up the stairs to the left


Get started today

We customize a package that works for you and we build your store to match your business. Choose us and you will be amazed!

To learn more about our fulfillment services call us at 207 453 7465