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Your online store has never looked this good.

Do you need a new online store to sell your gear? We will build, maintain it, fulfill it, and ship your custom apparel. We take out the hassle of running and managing your online store and the backend fulfillment of your items has never been easier. We have become experts at providing a one-stop-shop platform for your brand’s needs. We provide packages for small mom & pop shops to large national companies

1. Create a Store

It has never been easy to get started using our platform. We work with you from the start to finalize the design & products being offered on your online store.

2. Promotion and Sales

We offer our clients custom marketing software. So you can launch a successful online campaign to reach your customer and fan.

Order Fulfillment

We have become rock-stars at offering a one-stop-shop process for all of our clients. We setup your store, we customize all your orders, and then we pack and ship.

Amazing Services

Do you need your apparel right away? NLC Ink Screen Printing & Embroidery offers amazingly fast turnaround on your custom apparel, with a typical delivery in 7-10 business days.

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Why choose us for Fulfillment and Warehousing

Create a Store

Start your online store today. It has never been easy to get started using our platform. We work with you from the start.

Unlimited Possibilities

Our platform can handle one product to thousands with ease. We allow for our platform to be customized to fit your business not the other way around.


Our platform allows your online scale with you as your business grows. From selling one product to thousands, our platform and services will work for you.

Inventory Management

Our platform allows for easy management of your store’s inventory, track stock levels, receive notifications for both low stock items, and more.

Mobile Friendly Designs

Our platform is designed to make certain your store and products are optimized for any device. Ordering from any device has never been easier!

Manage and Market

Easily manage your marketing needs with our online tools. Allowing for you to plan out your campaigns and track your success on social media.

Accept Payments

Your platform is hosted in a secure environment. Allowing for PCI DSS Compliance so you can accept credit card purchase with ease.

Analyze Your Store

Gain insight into your customers order. Learn what sells and what doesn’t. Track your sales and growth trends.


We cant offer 24/7 Phone, Email & Chat support at this time but we do how ever offer support 9 to 5 eastern standard time.

Our Platform will ensure that it works on any device

We have built the ultimate responsive template so you don’t have to worry. From the desktop to your phone your customers will enjoy the ultimate user experience!. Contact us at 207 453 7465 or schedule a demo below.

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Who We Are

Amazing Service

Do you need your apparel right away? NLC Ink Screen Printing & Embroidery offers fast turnaround on your custom apparel, with a typical delivery in 7-10 business days.

Friendly staff

NLC Ink is here to help with your custom apparel needs! Our staff has perfected our trade and we go all-out to make your products high quality and make the process straightforward.

Huge selection

We have thousands of items that we can get for your custom screen printed an embroidered apparel. When you pick up our catalog and ask can you get this 99% if the time it is yes.